Hello, world 👋🎉🤠

We are Unnamed Engineering, a global product studio composed of four teenage programmers whose sole purpose is to build products & tools that make developers' day-to-day tasks more fun and more productive.

So far we've built Openbin, which is a web and console based tool to effortlessly share notes, code snippets, and more with others. We built this app in around two weeks for the Launch Week 8 Supabase Hackathon, and we ended up walking away with the 'Most Technically Impressive' award (source).

Today, we are silently building a new product that we are sure will alter the way developers tackle a very common and recurring challenge.

You can keep up with what we're doing in our Discord server, follow us on 𝕏.com and finally check out our GitHub. We would love to hear from you!

Reach out to us at [email protected]